Green Initiatives: Enarry’s Clean Energy Expansion in MENA

One of the world’s leading solar panel enthusiasts is guiding the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) towards a cleaner future. MENA is going ‘green’ with Enarry’s expansion into the region via their solar panel ideology. The company laid its initial foundations in Jordan, attempting to provide a cleaner energy source and, at the same time, reduce Jordan’s dependence on foreign energy imports. Utility-scale solar farms have essentially been the ‘bread and butter’ of the company, the constructions and designs are advanced, environmentally friendly and are spreading globally. Enarry’s influence has spread to Egypt, expanding on Benban’s solar park, and their expertise is undergoing plans to build solar plants in Tunisia and beyond.

 Go Green & Get Clean
The MENA region provides a more than ideal landscape for solar panel initiatives. Factors such as large land mass, sunny weather conditions and traditional energy ideologies provide the foundations for Enarry’s expansion. The region has historically shown great aptitude for energy production. Countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia are among the world’s largest oil and gas producers. Yet, with a rising demand for energy and a global motivation to move away from fossil fuels, green initiatives have sparked across MENA. The region could boost its economy as a whole, through the exports of oil while relying on using renewable energies at home, which show costs at an exponentially lower rate. MENA provides an ideal platform for Enarry to enact business throughout, with plans already laid in the pipeline, it will be no surprise to see many more projects enacted in the coming years. Other companies have also seen the potential of the Middle East region in opting for green solutions. For example, Shams Dubai has already put in place solar panel projects which account for the ultimate goal of sourcing 75% of the UAE’s energy from clean energy sources by 2050.

MENA’s industry for power provides the perfect platform for further initiatives, as of September 2018 the total value for power projects was estimated to be worth $6.2 billion. The region strongly believes in diversifying its power generation mix. The abundance of solar, wind and nuclear power generates strong optimism for renewable energy projects in MENA. Furthermore, the capacity of investments from a multitude of companies throughout the region highlights the positive implications that the going ‘green’ initiative holds. However, it is vital to, before charging into this region, understand each individual country, how it operates and, therefore, how your company can get involved. Simply, you must do your due diligence.

 The Importance of Due Diligence
It would be naïve to assume you can conduct business anywhere, and on such a large scale, without first understanding the business and political environment. The MENA region is of no exception, an area that is subject to much controversy, it is pivotal that you know the region that you wish to conduct business in. Due diligence is necessary for the safety of your company, for your reputation and for you to truly reap the rewards. So what can you do?

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Written By Jack Evangelides, Marketing Assistant

Sourced Image: Pixabay

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