Cedar Rose’s successes reflected upon by MD Christina Massaad

At the start of the year, Cedar Rose was chosen as one of the Ones to Watch in the European Business Awards competition. We later were awarded National Winner for Cyprus in the Digital Technology category – and all for good reason.

Between 2016 and 2017, our company took a huge leap:

1) Our sales revenue grew 31%.

2) Our gross profit grew 49%.

3) We managed to process 71% more orders.

4) We increased the number of companies in our database by 70%.

5) The number of clients we serve increased by 71%.

And that’s not the end of the story, only the beginning…

  • So far in 2018 we have already increased the number of countries we cover from 66 to 170 for Business Credit Reporting and KYC.
  • We have doubled the size of our online database to over 3.4 million companies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and it was already the largest database in the world of company information for the region translated and transliterated, available in Arabic and English languages for the most accurate search results.
  • The number of individuals on whom we can provide Electronic Identity Verification has also increased by 720% and now stands at over 160 million individuals in MENA, Russia and beyond.
  • We’ve improved – and continue to enhance – our user experience, our delivery methods, our turnaround times as well as introducing Discount Packages and even new services in Cybersecurity.

With the amazing teams that we have in Cyprus and Lebanon, we will continue to achieve major milestones over the coming years and our focus will remain on quality, not quantity as it always has – Striving for Excellence and doing it all with a smile! For more information on how Cedar Rose can help you grow your business in a safe and secure way or if you would like access to our rapidly growing database, contact Hannah King or Nicole Konstantinou directly or find out from our new website launch here.

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Written by Christina Massaad, Managing Director

*** The sole purpose of the article above is to generate public discussion, it has no intention to constitute legal advice. ***