Cedar Rose Announces New Website Launch with Smart CR Score Calculator

The new redesign and facelift of the Cedar Rose website allows visitors to experience a more proficient search and order process. The user experience has been simplified by an estimated 70%.

Cedar Rose, which bridges the gap between business intelligence for the Middle East and the rest of the world, announced today the launch of a new CRiS (smart database) wire-frame system, which connects to the website through the Get Started section, providing a new interface with enhanced search capabilities. The newly redesigned product pages have removed lengthy and unnecessary manual navigation for a client to buy a report; whereby a user can view multiple prices for different reporting products, on one page. The Available Data function also offers access to essential information about what is available to download straight away – with the dates of the data held – and which additional fields could be provided with a fresh investigation.

The new website has undergone several tried and tested methods to bring to market a balance of design, improved functionality and enhanced content which now explains more about the team, mission statement, core values, instructions on person’s search options, partners, sponsors, improved business name results, country targeting, intuitive product selection, live data counters, hero sliders, isometric product designs, and new reporting tools.

Other substantial releases include a Newsroom media space and a bespoke HTML reporting product delivery method for credit reporting.

“We are delighted with how all the teams of developers, designers and quality assurers have worked around the clock to enhance this process for our online visitors” said Mark Bowers, Marketing Executive. “We believe the new website has been initiated at a critical time, striking while the iron is hot, as there has been a substantial amount of publicity with being named as Credit Champions at the International Credit Awareness week and being the national winners for the European Business Award for Digital Technology. The overall style of the site transformation is current in the market and we expect to see happier customer experiences”.

The new website went live on March 16, 2018 and the core domain has not been altered:

CR Score
Cedar Rose aims to change the quality of the report delivery with a transition from traditional to digital distribution, supporting this is a feature called CR Score, which has been introduced to accommodate the new digital reporting system. The benefits of this data culmination tool include:

  • Summary card credit score utilising artificial intelligence
  • 20 fields of data consolidated into one visual risk indicator
  • Analysed using complex algorithms based on 2.5 years in-depth analysis
  • Merging traditional reports with code libraries
  • Available with Application Programming Interface (API) integration
  • 24/7 access to reports without email or time delays
  • Identifies company relationships
  • Identifies directors, shareholders & affiliates

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new html feature which can be accessed from their Dashboard by selecting the “View” option which rests next to all applicable orders. The CR Score, if added to the order, will show in the form of a dial which populates as the report is opened.  The downloadable version of this report will also include a printable format of the digital tool.

About Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd
Cedar Rose is the premiere company for business intelligence in the Middle East, providing KYC and Due Diligence products and services as well as Credit Reports since 1997. With our forward-thinking, talented staff, and field-leading technologies, we aim to keep ahead of the competition and continue to expand the range of services we offer.

Experience the best features of our new website, such as the enhanced newsroom.

SOURCE Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd

Written by Mark Bowers, Marketing Executive



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