Is Your Company Image Squeaky Clean?

Are you responsible for Due Diligence or Compliance matters which contribute to your overall company image? Or maybe you’re a Sales, Licencing, Marketing, Purchasing or Credit Manager? Whatever your role, if you are connecting the company you work for with other businesses around the globe – you need to know a few things about company image. Which falls hand in hand with public relations, what people see and say about your business, these attributes are necessary to help paint the picture of the public’s perception towards your organisation:

  1. What is the size of the company – are they a large prospect, a major player in the industry or a one man band?
  2. How long has the company been in business – are they well established or a new kid on the block?
  3. Who is behind them – are they owned by a much bigger company, have they had investments or funding from external sources, are they linked in any way to a political organisation or even a known terrorist group. What is the source of their funding?
  4. What is their local reputation – have they been the subject of a smear campaign in the country where they are based, are they linked to some kind of scandal that you wouldn’t want to be associated with or are they a trusted and well respected organisation owned by well-known wealthy individuals.

These are just a few of the questions you should really be asking especially when you are trading across borders – and to get the answers may not be as difficult or as expensive as you think.

Company Image in MENA

In the Middle East and North Africa, Cedar Rose can carry out in-depth due diligence investigations that can help you find the answers you need. We can even give you API access (system to system) to our database of almost two million companies and the directors and shareholders behind them – so that you can conduct your own investigations and call on our experienced team of multilingual analysts just when you need extra assistance or boots on the ground.

It takes just one newspaper article to tarnish a company’s reputation, but linking your company to known serial bankrupts, terrorists, criminals, sanctioned entities, money launderers or even some unpopular politicians could be preventable with a little help from us.

Let Cedar Rose empower you with the knowledge you need to grow a successful and squeaky clean business so you can sleep easy and dream big, relative to this point we also offer 5 quick and simple tips for you to enhance your due diligence.


Written by Christina Massaad, Managing Director


 Sourced Image: Wallpapersin4k
*** The sole purpose of the article above is to generate public discussion, it has no intention to constitute legal advice. ***