Middle East Due Diligence Made Easy

Creating a new software which brings clean, compliantly obtained, correct and verified business information from the Middle East and North African (MENA) regions together in one place – easily searchable in the English and Arabic languages – with links between people, companies and groups was at one time seemingly impossible. But, never a company to shy away from a challenge at Cedar Rose, in 2016 we went ahead anyway with the introduction of CRiS.

CRiS brings our database of information on almost 2 million MENA companies and millions of individuals having unique identifiers, with source data from a multitude of publicly available sources and additional research compiled over 21 years, to the desktops of our clients around the globe. As far as we are aware, having conducted extensive research; it is the largest database of it’s kind.

  • CRiS translates and transliterates people and company names from Arabic to Latin characters making both English or Arabic text searches possible; leading to greater accuracy in identifying entities correctly – especially for non-Arabic speakers
  • It facilitates Application Programming Interface (APIs) to and from other systems for instant transfer of Company Registration Data or Person Identity Verification, for example – useful for immediate KYC and compliance checks
  • CRiS permits data entry from a global network of authorised researchers, editors and users and includes functions for the Source and Intelligence Grading of information
  • It allows the instant downloading of several types of reports from Credit Reports to Directorship & Shareholding reports via subscriptions or online
  • The software enables instant online ordering of 30+ types of business information reports from KYC Reports to Comprehensive Due Diligence Level 2 (with a Site Visit) which can often be freshly investigated by our experience multilingual researchers, updated and delivered within a matter of days – sometimes the next working day
  • For subscribers, CRiS can be used to identify links and relationships between companies and people
  • It can be used for KYC checks and due diligence research in MENA, without the need for in-house Arabic speakers
  • Almost 2 million MENA companies and millions of individuals are included – most with legitimate, government-issued unique identifiers such as Company or Civil Registration numbers
  • Registered clients can search for companies on our website at cedar-rose.com which is linked to CRiS, see what reports would be available in the subject’s country (as this differs throughout MENA), find out our delivery speed and price and order online, enabling Cedar Rose to offer a faster reporting service and quotations 24 hours a day

CRiS is a culmination of several years of work by a dedicated software development team, our experienced and qualified research and financial teams in Cyprus and Lebanon as well as our management, accounting, marketing and data quality teams. With client collaboration and feedback, continuous support and contact from local government departments and organisations, CRiS will continue to evolve and grow as a tool that no organisation trading with or in the MENA region should be without.

We are now providing annual subscriptions to CRiS and have new website features coming soon. If you have a need for information on companies or individuals in the #MENA region or surrounding countries, why not run a search or register to place an order on www.cedar-rose.com or contact John Jaques, our New Account Executive on John.Jaques@cedar-rose.com for information on subscribing to CRiS.

If you would like more general information on Cedar Rose and how we can assist with your #credit reporting, #duediligence or #KYC obligations please email our Client Services Team on orders@cedar-rose.com who will be pleased to advise you.

And don’t forget to let us know what you want from CRiS in the future, because after all as a client of Cedar Rose, it is all about you.

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Written by Christina Massaad, Managing Director

*** The sole purpose of the article above is to generate public discussion, it has no intention to constitute legal advice. ***