Success! A year of GIANT steps!

I’m excited to be returning to my home town this week to join the CCR Interactive conference at the Guoman Tower hotel in London on Tuesday 3rd October, 2017. I can’t quite believe that it is almost a year since the above photo was taken when we won the Credit Excellence Award in the Export and International category. This year we have reached the finals in two categories so we will be keeping our fingers crossed! Whether we win or not though, the Cedar Rose teams have done amazing work over the past year moving our company onto a new level with regards to technology and productivity so they truly deserve a pat on the back. I’m so proud of how committed they are to making Cedar Rose a continuing success story.

Since this photo was taken, we have increased sales of report downloads from our website by over 3000% by bringing records on hundreds of thousands more companies to our database and offering them with an automated scorecard – the Automated Risk Indicator – so an instant good quality credit report on a Middle Eastern or North African client can now be purchased for less than €30. Annual monitoring can also now be added so that our clients keep their credit files updated and get notified each time we make a change to a company record. We have also added prepayment packages so that clients can set up an account and get discounts and free downloads with just one simple online payment and will soon bring in the Trade Rate initiative (join the conversation here).

Cedar Rose are also offering instant identity verification of not just Arabic and some African nationals but Russian and Romanian nationals too – we are the first company to provide this service via API.

It has been a lot of hard work, but I believe we have finally achieved our 20 year dream of bringing the MENA region in line with the UK and the USA in terms of business information availability and that is a win all by itself!

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Written by Christina Massaad, Managing Director

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