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Data Translator Remote Worker
The Data Translator Remote Worker will be responsible for the translation and transliteration of company names and information from such languages as required, such as Farsi or Arabic, to English and to enter such translations into the company data base.

Principal Duties:
Converting written material, such as company names and information, from one language into another language
Reading materials and research specific terminology using translating tools including proprietorial/online tools
Write sentences that duplicate the structure of the original meaning, keeping true to the ideas of the original text
Ensuring translated texts, such as company names and information, convey the original meaning as the source
Report to Data Quality Researcher or assigned supervisor any issues to help make the process more efficient
Ensure that all documentation is kept confidential and secure
Process translations and transliteration of company names and information of high quality and accuracy
Attend training and meetings as required
Safeguard the intellectual rights and property of the company

Good proficiency in the English language
Good proficiency in Arabic language where applicable
Good proficiency in Persian language where applicable
Basic computing skills
Able to prioritize activities and show initiative

Preferably experience of translation and transliteration of documents from Arabic and Farsi into the English language
Preferably have be a graduate
Experience with Microsoft suite
Experience with Internet research methods and tools

Must have access to own computer hardware and software.
Must have own internet access.

Client Services Assistant

Reports To
Client Services Team Leader

Job Overview
The Client Services Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Client Services Team Leader in handling day to day matters including client requests. The role acts as an internal ambassador representing the client’s interests within Cedar Rose to ensure a seamless and ideal customer experience. It is the primary human interface between client and Cedar Rose services.

Responsibilities and Duties
Client Services

  • Communicate with current Clients and liaise with them regarding holidays, other notifications and maintain their information up to date.
  • Communicate with potential new Clients and ensure their records are maintained.
  • Liaise with clients and potential clients regarding payment options, product availability and prices.
  • Encourage potential clients to subscribe to Cedar Rose’s services.
  • Explain to clients how to use the website, software CRiS and to order reports online.
  • Contact clients occasionally to encourage timely payment of invoices.
  • Monitor and reply to client emails as a first point of contact.
  • Build an ongoing relationship with clients
  • Act as focal point for client queries and service requests
  • Refer any customer complaints to the appropriate Head of Department.
  • Support client’s interests with Cedar Rose departments to ensure the delivery of a seamless client experience and optimal service
  • Process orders of Special reports and pass quotation inquiries to the Head of Due Diligence.
  • Process credit report orders and other simple report orders in CRiS.
  • Assist with training of new staff.
  • Provide office cover through a variable work hours schedule.


  • Perform reception duties, including registration of visitors and redirection of calls and requests.
  • General secretarial duties as required.
  • Order stationery and office supplies.  Maintain stocks of essential office supplies such as printing paper, cartridges, toilet paper, tissues, coffee, tea, milk etc.
  • Collection of mail/bank matters as required.


  • Revise own duties and processes and provide suggestions to the Client Services Team Leader of how they can be handled more efficiently.
  • Advise the Client Services Team leader of any issues that may arise
  • Any other reasonable duties as required by the Client Services Team leader

Client Services Assistant requirements:

  • Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good proficiency in the English language. Knowledge of Greek and Arabic is preferred.
  • Basic computing skills
  • Able to prioritize activities and show initiative.


  • Experience of over a year dealing with customers including through telephone and electronic media.
  • Experience of over a year in the Financial sector
  • Experience with Microsoft suite, PDF and PowerPoint
  • Experience with Internet research methods and tools.
  • Preferably experience with a global customer base.
  • Preferably experience in Customer services.
  • Preferably experience in a multicultural environment
  • Preferably experience as office administrator


  • Support the organisation’s Values and Mission
  • Attention to detail and analytical thinking
  • Adaptable and flexible attitude
  • Self-confident and result focused
  • High level of ethics and integrity
  • Creative and innovative problem solver
  • Strong communicator at all levels
  • Team Player
  • Good negotiator
  • Strong Service Ethic


  • Be familiar with and promote health, safety and environment within the company.

Social Media Copywriter Intern

Reports To
Marketing Executive

Position Overview
The Social Media Copywriter Intern is a position reserved for students who are undergoing media studies or have just graduated and are looking to gain industry experience. It is an intern position and by nature temporary and not a form of employment. The position is meant to expose the student or recent graduate to how the company utilises various media to increase exposure to its products, generate interesting content and attract the attention of clients with a view of keeping the company’s profile ever active and relevant and ensure maximum sustained exposure.

The position is open for Undergraduates or Postgraduates for:

  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Media


  • 5 Articles per week
  • Article word count: Minimum 500 word count per article (800 word per article is preferred).
  • Manage the Cedar Rose Newsroom – in house WordPress training provided.
  • SEO optimize all existing and newly written articles – SEO training provided.
  • Initially to work from pre-approved article titles and progress to selecting own articles which candidate is interested to write about.
  • Monthly competitor analysis (industry related) on other media spaces to recommend updates/changes to the Cedar Rose Newsroom.
  • Quarterly traffic review – 1 day in office in possible – (Light Analytics training provided)
      For each article:
              * Allocate enticing cover photo

              * Source (hyperlink) cover photo used
              * Assign Category
              * Assign Tags
              * Insert legal statement for article footer
              * Ensure an “SEO by Yoast SEO score of 10 or above is achieved (training provided)
              * Ensure an SEO by Yoast reading score of 10 or above is reached (training provided)

The position is aimed at creating exposure to and experience in:

  • Mass exposure strategy
  • Backlog task management
  • Content creation
  • Delivery volume
  • Writing, editing and publishing engaging content for various social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Optimising existing articles including training
  • SEO optimisation strategies (specific training will be provided)
  • How to select appealing images and videos to complement text
  • How to respond to questions and comments on social media networks in a timely and accurate manner.
  • How to update media space with compelling sector related articles
  • How to set a posting timetable for updating media space with content
  • WordPress platform management (specific training will be provided)