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Monitoring Service for your Credit Reports


SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT TO OUR CLIENTS – 12 months FREE monitoring on all credit reports ordered up to the 31st December, 2018!

It is no secret that business is full of surprises, ups and downs, volatile markets, sudden bankruptcies and more. Thus, when you want a credit report on a company, don’t you want to make sure that it is not only up-to-date but that it stays relevant to any surprises that the near future may bring? Wouldn’t you like to know what is going on with your potential business partner or client pre-emptively, before reading about it on the news?

Cedar Rose – providers of award-winning business credit reports for 21 years – offers a monitoring add-on feature for credit reports, so credit managers and astute business owners can track any major changes to their clients and suppliers that may be disruptive or offer new potentials to their own business. Pre-empt the surprise by being one step ahead.

Due to our vast experience in the industry, we report on millions of companies and people for hundreds of clients every year. We receive orders on the same companies several times a year through different clients and with each new request we provide a completely new and full investigation. This allows us to stay updated on the companies that we investigate and we update our database accordingly. With the monitoring feature, any updates that we make to a company throughout the year will notify you so that you will also be informed; it is practically a brand new credit report fresh for you to use however you see fit.

When you opt-in for our monitoring service not only do you receive an email containing an updated report on the company, but you get a direct note that indicates which fields have been updated. Simply keep the opt-in box checked when you order your credit report, or alternatively, if you want to add it on to an already existing credit report, you can contact us by email: This 12 month service is a unique feature and it is already used by many of our clients. Stay ahead of the surprises with your trusted business intelligence experts – Cedar Rose.

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Written By Jack Evangelides, Marketing Intern

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